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Nature’s Tool for Healthier Soils and Improved Crops

Developed under extensive research, C-CAT is TEVA Corp.’s solution to improving crop productivity by increasing overall plant growth and improving nutrient uptake and seed germination. It is an extremely powerful, natural chelating compound that incorporates amino acid-like growth stimulants and organic carbon in the form of humic and fulvic acids to buffer and boost other components in the mixture.

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Developed under extensive research, C-CAT improves crop productivity, increasing overall plant growth, nutrient uptake, and seed germination.



Molasses Mineral impregnated sugar for carbon energy is a high octane energy source that will give the plant long-lasting energy and enhance its natural abilities.

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Plant Food Solutions

Solutions made of the highest quality materials so that you get the most for your investment in a liquid fertilizer.

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Teva Traces

Trace minerals for your plants’ health that can be mixed with C-CAT or Plant Food Solutions.

Biological Products

Biological Products

Biological products contain micro-organisms, natural enzymes, and a premium blend of humic and fulvic acids which are vital for an energized soil.

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PGRs are plant hormones, such as auxins, cytokinins, and gibberlins, that help to regulate the growth of plants. These products help regulate your crop to grow the way you want it to for increased yields.

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Slow release nitrogen that time releases as the crop requires it, enhancing stomata opening and transpiration.

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About TEVA Corporation

Questioning Why, Explaining How, Providing Quality Fertility Solutions

TEVA Corp.’s mission is to provide today’s farmers with impeccable service like that received by their fathers and grandfathers. We want to provide farmers with the most technologically advanced products and innovative ideas to meet their quest for HIGHER YIELD, TOP QUALITY, AND MAXIMUM PROFITS.

No new soils are being discovered, so it is imperative that we as stewards of our soil must diligently pursue soil preservation in our farming techniques. It is a goal of TEVA Corp. to show the farmers of today this way of farming.

TEVA Corp. was started in Essex, MO, in 1979, incorporated in 1990, and is now located in Benton, MO. We are a family owned business that has been on the cutting edge of the natural way of farming and has always promoted natural farming methods and ways to eliminate the use of some commercial fertilizers and chemicals. TEVA Corp. sells its products directly to farmers, through distributors, and in retail locations.

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