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MMTS: Molasses Plus Sugar for High Octane Energy

High-Octane with Long-Long Lasting Performance for All Crops

For years we have known the benefits of molasses as a vital source of minerals and enzymes. TEVA Corp. produces molasses mineral impregnated sugar for carbon energy (MMTS). MMTS is processed under strict guidelines to ensure the highest enzyme, mineral and energy content. It is FDA and Kosher approved. We use only fresh cut cane, which is slow-processed to ensure quality. After crushing, the juice is filtered, centrifuge spun and air dried. This process allows the molasses mineral to stay intact.

More for your money: We have combined a top-of-the-line energy source with a valuable mineral nutrient.

Minerals plus enzymes combined: The benefits of these two nutrients in plant production and digestion can be vital to profitability.

Time-released energy source: All living organisms must have a sustained source of food to have continual production.

Superior quality and flow ability: From the cane fields to the bags to your farm, we maintain the highest standards.

Why Use MMTS?

  • It is the most cost effective way to add supplemental carbon.
  • You get 2 for 1: molasses plus sugar in one product.
  • Energy levels in crops can be boosted to increase plant health.
  • Increased plant brix and protein levels can be achieved.
  • Superior food source for microbiological life.
  • Outstanding sticker for spray applications.
  • Easy handling and storage.
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