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C-CAT Carbon Catalyst Chelating Compound

For Cotton, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Rice, and Pasture

C-CAT is a semi-organic crop enhancer and soil stimulant. These are characteristics that produce a vigorous, well balanced plant capable of increased quality and yield. It is designed to help the soils of today that have been depleted of their natural carbon, and it is made from the very best mined humates in existence.

C-CAT is an extremely powerful natural chelating compound that will improve the molecular carbon in soil. Many natural reactions in the soil are provided by C-CAT which, in turn, cause positive results in the plant metabolic process.

Why Use C-CAT?

  • Improves seed germination and early growth.
  • Enhances nitrogen uptake.
  • Releases “locked up” phosphate and potassium.
  • Helps in formation of sugars, starches and proteins.
  • Enhances energy storage and transfer.
  • Helps in cell division and enlargement.
  • Enhances stomata opening and transpiration.

C-CAT Consists of:

  • The top quality humates that have shown to contain high levels of fulvic, humic and ulmate acids.
  • Plant nutrients that are easily absorbed through the plants’ foliage or roots.
  • Five elements attached to an active carbon element.
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I was very pleased with the C-CAT product. It was a definite success on my farm and I got a good return on my investment.

– Steve Rose

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