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TEVA ComPlex

ComPlex is a package of natural plant stimulants harvested from concentrates of desert plants. Added antioxidants in the product help your crop deal with stress better and make better use of PGRs the plant creates because of these stimulants. It’s a safe and natural product that can help you promote growth in your crops the way that nature does.

ComPlex Consists of:

  • A blend of natural plant stimulants to regulate PGR movement in your plant specifically to increase growth of your crop.
  • A blend of secondary PGRs such as jasmonates to help the plant deal with stress conditions.
  • An added antioxidant to further oxidize and deal with stress conditions the plant is under.
  • PGRs produced by your plant are natural and can work longer and more effectively in the plant than their synthetic counterparts.
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Why Use ComPlex?

  • A blend of natural stimulants that slow auxin movement and promote cytokinin production and movement, leading to increased cell division and elongation, the main drivers of plant growth.
  • Added antioxidants help your crop deal with stress conditions that would lock hormones in place or get rid of them so that you have a longer window of use in the plant.
  • The use of stimulants that cause the plant to produce its own PGRs which are active in the plant up to twice as long as synthetic PGRs.


Incite is a blend of naturally-occurring and synthetic plant growth regulators and plant hormones to help boost plant growth in a natural way. With a blend of cytokinins, gibberellins, and auxins, Incite is designed to help your crop flourish by using substances that plants already make to boost their own growth. Enhanced yields are only a foliar application away.

Why Use Incite?

  • Stimulate cell division, differentiation, and elongation/enlargement for increased plant growth.
  • Development of healthy root systems for better nutrient efficiency and water uptake.
  • Delay of leaf senescence and controlled ripening of fruit to allow for longer photosynthesis and increased yields.

PGR and Hormones in Incite:

  • Cytokinins as Kinetin help to promote cell division and upper plant growth, including leaf development and expansion, as well as shoot initiation and germination.
  • Gibberellins as Gibberellic Acid activate cell division and cell elongation in plants to help with rapid growth in plants.
  • Auxins as Indole-3-Butryric Acid help in promoting root growth and expansion as well as playing vital roles in the processes that lead plants to find better light for photosynthesis.