CoreBiologic™ CropPro™

CropPro™ is a biological formulation of trillions of microbes chosen to help you reach the full potential of your crop yields. With a blend of microbes for all kinds of soil conditions, CropPro™ provides superior soil health and production through enhanced rhizosphere activity and bioenhancement of crops for increased yields at a solid rate of return. It’s safe, a natural, and OMRI listed.

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Why Use CropPro™?

  • Improves nutrient uptake and utilization through chelation of soil nutrients.
  • Enhances appearance and vigor of plant with increased stem diameter and bigger root systems.
  • Increased grain and fruit production.
  • Help build soil organic matter, build soil life, and reduce soil slaking.

CropPro™ Consists of:

  • Over 15 different species of microbes, 9 of which are guaranteed to 1 x 108 CFU/mL.
  • Strains that produce plant growth stimulating hormones like IAA, IBA, Cytokinins, and Gibberelins.
  • Strains that help to break down or solubilize fertilizer compounds for plant availability.
  • Strains that help with the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen into the rhizosphere for plant availability.

CoreBiologic™ StubDown™

StubDown™ helps to break down stubborn and fibrous plant material, releasing the nutrients held within back in to the soil for use on your next crop through the use of microbial stubble digesters. This digestion happens naturally, but rarely in time for your next planting season. Use StubDown™ to greatly increase the rate at which this process occurs for better break down and better incorporation.

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Why Use StubDown™?

  • To make sure you don’t lose valuable nutrients contained in your crop residue.
  • Incorporation of plant residue can help with the process of increasing soil organic matter.
  • Improve the efficiency of your inputs by increasing available nutrients.

StubDown™ Consists of:

  • A blend of 25 natural species of beneficial microbes, 12 of which are guaranteed to 1×108 CFU/mL.
  • No genetically modified microbes used in the making of StubDown™.
  • Microbes that degrade a wide array of cellulose, chitin, lignin, and their related polymers.

ABM™ Inoculants

Inoculants are used when planting to add beneficial microbial life to the seed to help with nutrient uptake, more robust root systems, and improved resistance to stress. ABM™ offers a wide variety of inoculants for different crops with specific microbes chosen to help boost that crops productivity. Inoculating isn’t just for beans any more with this line of products.

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Why Use ABM™?

  • Comes packaged with its own lubricant, replacing the use of talc in your planter boxes.
  • Increased water and nutrient efficiency.
  • Induce and build better resistance to plant stresses in your crop.
  • Increased yields.
  • Specific microbes chosen for each crop, with a variety of strains to cover all sorts of stress it might receive to make sure that biological life survives and thrives.

ABM™ Inoculants:

  • SabrEx™ Root Inoculant available for corn, cotton, and wheat/cereal crops.
  • GraphEX™ Inoculant available for soybeans.
  • Naturall™ Inoculant available for vegetable crops.
  • America’s Best Inoculant®, a liquid product available for peanuts.

MegaZone Biological Concentrate

For Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and Residue

MegaZone is designed to give both soil and crops greater productivity and performance with lower per-unit cost of production. MegaZone’s unique formulation allows it to aid in restoring soil to proper balance of both nutrients and biological life—the key to both profits and optimum yields. MegaZone also adds a new dimension commonly overlooked: quality. Its biological concentrate is designed to help create an environment for crops to insure increased quality production, meaning better milling, test weight, grade, etc., which results in more profit.

Why Use MegaZone?

  • MegaZone increases fertility capacity in soil water solution, reduces nutrient tie-ups, and increases natural chelation of vital trace nutrients.
  • MegaZone promotes root growth, which in turn allows the plant to take up more nutrients and handle stressful conditions better.
  • MegaZone will help in loosening the soil so that you don’t have as much crusting, disease, weed pressure and stress in adverse conditions (drought, cold and/or wet).
  • MegaZone has select biological cultures and humic acids which allow chemical residues and heavy metals to precipitate out of soil solution. Removal of such toxins aids soil life and crop residue decay, which normally increases soil ferility levels.

MegaZone Consists of:

  • A premium blend of humates having the proper balance of fulvic, ulmate, and humic acids, which are vital in energizing soil to top productivity. It also improves soil flocculation for better percolation of water and oxygen.
  • Natural plant growth regulators which are totally natural plant extracts that carry nutrients into the plant for growth and/or fruiting.
  • Microorganism cultures designed to restore soil to optimum soil life and top productivity. Select cultures have been chosen to restore biological balance.
  • A unique biological catalyst solution to feed and proliferate both the microorganism cultures included in MegaZone and in the soil that is treated. This catalyst solution consists of amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, and nutrients that are vital for optimum soil life and plant vigor.
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MegaZone is a biological and organic concentrate containing amino-acids, enzymes, vitamins and natural plant extracts, as well as micro-organisms. It stimulates root growth and development, improves seedling vigor, reduces stress, promotes mineralization and nutrient uptake and create healthy environments for plant growth, both underground and above the ground.

– Dr. Yaan Cheng

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